Captain Marvel: A commendable film but sadly not a great one.

Captain Marvel is a superhero origin story and a good one at that, but the problem is, while there is a lot of the superhero stuff, there’s just not enough of an origin story. Had I watched Captain Marvel eight years ago, or even five years ago, I would have loved it a lot. Watching…

Academy Awards 2019: Interesting Trivia and Historical wins.

Some interesting Oscar trivia after the ceremony: 15 Women won an Oscar in the 91st Academy Awards, which is a record number, last record was of 12 women. The 91st Academy Awards marked the first time in 30 years when the ceremony was conducted without a host, the last time this happened was back in…

Gully Boy: A tale of passion.

Gully Boy, at its core, is a coming of age story, and it’s a story we have seen enough number of times, to know where it’s going. But Gully Boy is no ordinary film, and here’s why.

YOU on Netflix reviewed: Entertaining, Addictive, and Kinda( Very) Creepy!

Netflix’s recent release, ‘YOU’ operates on a central theme, appearances can be deceptive.
While primarily marketed as a cautionary tale about our usage of social media, our obsession with sharing every aspect of our life, that concept here is just the foundation on which the story is built.

Supernatural Top 10 episodes

With Supernatural nearing 300 episodes, it is officially the longest running CW show and the longest-running sci-fi TV series in American history, there’s is just much to talk about. The Winchester brothers have been fighting the good fight for more than a decade and its been one hell of a ride, in this list, I want to talk about what have been some of my favourite episodes over the past 13 seasons.

The Favourite(2018): Subverting Expectations of a genre

In the simplest of terms, it’s a  love triangle, set in the backdrop of the 18th-century war, with some laugh-out-loud moments, which basically flips the period drama genre on its head, and has a lot of fun while doing so.

Roma(Netflix) Review: Poetry in Motion.

There are a few films that make me feel inadequate as a cinema-viewer, that make me want to study the craft of film-making, editing, cinematography, direction, just to be able to fully comprehend their depth, and beauty, Roma is one of those films.